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Talking Out of Turn

Packing Cube Set

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Is it time for a trip? If you're into organization even a tiny bit then we know you don't even think about packing without your handy dandy packing cubes. These sets come in three different sizes, each with a carefully selected coordinating pattern. The packing cubes themselves fold up into attached pouches and come in a reusable drawstring pouch for quick and easy storage. You have everything to gain and only disorganization to lose, what are you waiting for?

Product Details:

  • Brand: Talking Out Of Turn
  • Two Color Options:
    -Radiance - 3 Unique Floral and Geometric Patterns in mix of Purple, Dark Teal, Mint Green, Orange, Light Blue, Medium Pink and Light Pink.
    -Flower Power - 3 Groovy Floral Patterns in a mix of Lime Green, Hot Pink, Blush, Burnt Orange and Yellow.
  • Ripstop Nylon, Zipper Closure.
  • Fold into attached pouches.


1 Large Cube (clothes): 21" inches W x 15" inches L x 3.5" inches H

1 Medium Cube (pjs and hobby gear): 15" inches W x 10" inches L x 3.5" inches H

1 Small Cube (socks and underwear): 10" inches W x 8" inches L x 3.5" inches H